Remodeling 1540 NW 52 ST. MIAMI, FL. 33142

Before / After

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This property is located in Brownsville area of ​​great growth very close to the Miami International Airport, to Wynwood, Design District, Downtown Miami, with only 1 mile from the Metrorail station, and with proximity to the main road arteries such as the Highway 112, I95 that you can transfer to Miami Beach, Midtown Miami and Downtown Miami in 15 minutes

Proposed concept:

The proposed concept is aimed primarily at the local community in search of buying their first home. The offer in this market is mainly aimed at buyers who access the credit offered by the urban development department of the federal government of the United States through the program identified with the acronym FHA that stands for Federal Housing Authority or in Spanish Federal Housing Authority that It offers soft loans backed by the federal government and with purchase facilities for initial low of only 3.5% of the value of the property.

Competitive advantage:

These are areas so close to the urban center of downtown Miami and the fastest growing areas that groups like ours are dedicated to improving and revitalizing these areas by buying property in poor condition by completely renewing them and giving people in the community the opportunity to have better quality of life and also attract buyers from other sectors who are encouraged to see the change in the community.

Also the phenomenon of contagion makes the neighbors to see that the properties around them improve and revalue their properties are encouraged to improve theirs, this is a very interesting phenomenon that makes us increasingly bet on growing popular sectors.

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