High Income Alternative Market Properties

* 46 to 120 meter properties with 5% to 18% net profit.

* 10% administration cost over the gross rent value.

* Optional insurance (recommended to the client).

* Complete and well done finishes, no luxurious though highly attractive to tenant of the area.

* Convenience in the most strategic zones from the residential point of view.

* Income from revalorization plus attractive cash flow vs. other instruments in the market.

* Handling and control of your investment in a remote and safe manner thru commercial allies.

* Attractive Cash Flow.

* Interannual revalorization of historical 6% of your property investment for being a tangible physical asset way over the inflation of the countries. This means that the property increases its value year after year.

* Count on the investment protected under the instrument of a company legally registered in USA.

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