Frequently asked questions

We have in addition, more than 15 years of experience attending and promoting in all these years, projects and clients with the most recognized builders of the city, being bridges of investors between Venezuela and Miami.

Our business model is very transparent, from the first moment we try to inform you about the whole process before, during and after the purchase. In any case, buying a property and then renting it for investment purposes is not exempt from risks, but they are measured and controlled, very different from any other type of investment. Miami Property Services searches in all its process prior to the purchase of the property, covering and shielding all fragile points or / and susceptible to risk, which are mostly physical and legal (related to the title) and later in the related to the tenant and that we manage through the administration company.

We are a legally incorporated company in Florida with operations in Miami and Caracas. We are experts and professionals with family values and principles, we have the best human team in each area that will make the purchase of your property much simpler. The experience and testimony of our clients, friends and family support our company. Miami is experiencing its best moment in the real estate cycle and it is just the beginning, not only in the most known areas, but in areas that are hidden gems and where the best investors have their capital, and that is precisely where we take our customers, family and friends.

We are investors supporting and helping investors. Real estate investment is a business that offers more advantages in profitability, protection and low risk. We look for you to be simple and at the same time very professional so we have an expert team in each area that will help you enhance the legal and tax benefits of the purchase of your property.

All properties are located in the United States, so each purchase transaction of the investments is in US dollars. We can not receive Bsf due to restrictions of the Venezuelan exchange market, but we can receive any other freely convertible currency.

Actually this is relative and depends on your investor's vision, the question would be rather how much money you want to invest. Most of our investment properties and products are affordable compared to similar alternatives, starting at just $ 50,000 in the case of the real estate investment fund.

There are two types of taxes that are levied on these real estate investments: 1) Property Taxes: Which are paid once a year to the county and do not exceed 4% of the property's cadastral value. 2) Income taxes: Our recommendation to help you to protect your investment is to make it through a corporation, you must cancel once a year an aliquot of approximately 35% of the profits obtained, although there are legal accounting ways to lower this payment Through tax deductions, our expert accountants will assist you in this area.

Previously we mentioned that we recommend making this investment through a corporation, in this way you can easily make a strategic partnership with a partner or family member and between the parties make equipment to buy the property.

Yes, and we will be very willing to help you in this process. In fact, some of our clients have sold with us with profits and then with that capital more profitability to buy more properties.

Today in the high-yield alternative real estate market we can find properties with affordable prices compared to what can be found in all availability. We always look for the property to adapt to your investment capacity.

Real estate investment is based on the focus of the market and sector to invest. The success that our clients have had in their properties has been the result of the experience and professional knowledge we have of the alternative markets in Florida.

It is not necessary, in fact you do not even have to travel to make the investment since all our processes and business model allows you to have the comfort and security of making the purchase from your home or office.

In Miami we can find properties, for example, that are highly valued in the small Havana, dating from 1932, in excellent physical condition. The vast majority of properties that we buy for our clients for investment purposes are from the secondary market, some have been built since 1980 and are in perfect physical condition.

Everything that happens outside the property in common areas and that affects the unit is insured by the condominium association. Now it is highly advisable to take out insurance only to cover what happens inside the unit. In the United States you can virtually insure against everything, and the costs will depend on several factors such as deductibles and risk affinity and that you want to cover in the contract, basically the most common cases are: damages to third parties, claims, claims (fires, floods, etc). We strongly advise consulting with an insurance specialist who can guide you in this regard. Within our consultancy we can contact you with several options so that you can make an informed decision on this topic.

Our service is already included in the property price, so we do not earn additional commission on your purchase.

Miami Property Services has an integral support service in the purchase of your investment, so it should not be seen as a partnership between you and us. We take care of minimizing all the contingencies that involve the purchase of the property, although this investment is not free of risks, seeking to be measured and controllable, remember that it is not a bond or a certificate of deposit as a bank, where you are paid by the same amount of money that invests with us a percentage that sometimes does not even reach 1%, nor the risks are those of the stock market where from one moment to another would lose everything.

Certainly, we are investors that help investors, in fact, our own experience and search are the reason for the creation of this company and this product.

Yes of course. We can and we are able to help you make this sale, under the standard commission conditions of the real estate market.

This is a very sensitive issue because if you live outside of Florida, managing and interacting with a tenant remotely is very complicated, it would also be a matter of making statements to the IRS about profits with ignorance of local laws, our recommendation will always be that A certified administrator and a licensed accountant are the right professionals to handle these two sensitive areas of your investment.

Yes, from the beginning all our service is focused to be that way.

We are a legally constituted company in the state of Florida with up-to-date tax returns. Although our experience of years in this area and the recommendation of our clients will always be the best letter of introduction.

Obviously Miami Property Services has a profitability that is included in the price of the property. The property manager who is responsible for managing the operational matters of their property has a profitability too.

The rents are defined based on the existing comparables of similar properties in a range of 1.5 km around which are in the market at the time of renting the property, which rise or fall does not depend on Miami Property Services

Our consultancy is designed so that all the gains are for the clients, when a property comes into the hands of a client, this one already passed through an exhaustive study of feasibility and at the same time our team develops the strategies that allow to minimize the risks of this investment.

Our proposal is comprehensive and includes getting a tenant for the property. Thanks to many factors, among which has been the correct evaluation of the alternative markets where the properties are located, there has always been high demand for our properties.

Our formal accompaniment service would end legally until the tenant takes possession of the property and the administrator takes care of it. Now, with us you will have the support and support in everything related to your property in the process before and after purchase. We are not a purely transactional company, we are consultants who are always focused on serving and helping you in a personalized way.