Counseling and Representation

Making an investment with Miami Property Services is not just a simple purchase of a property, it is to build a solid heritage structure that is supported by a multidisciplinary team that are our specialized allies in several areas such as:

Title Houses

In the United States when buying a property, the title house serves as a strategic partner when processing all documents, making sure that the title and all documents of the closing of the property that will be in your name are completely in order and are duly registered.

property manager

You can be sure that the management of your asset is in good hands, since the relationship, management, repairs and everything that has to do with the tenant and / or the property is managed professionally in a team between Miami Property Services and our expert ally , while you calmly take care of your business and family always enjoying receiving the return on your investment.

Accountants and Tax Advisors

Once the legal platform is created, you will obtain our client's advice with two of the most efficient and specialized Real Estate Investment groups that will allow you to optimize the investment made from the fiscal point of view.

Lawyers and Legal Advice

Building heritage is always through a legal configuration appropriate to your interests, that protects your assets, allows confidentiality, and provides legal and tax benefits. We have the two best group of lawyers in South Florida that will help them in this area.

Cámaras de comercio e Inversión Inmobiliaria

Nos proveen la inteligencia de mercado suficiente y nos permite tener el networking para encontrar las mejores oportunidades de inversión.


We have had a very close relationship with a boutique bank in Florida, and we will gladly extend this relationship to our clients so that they can have all the VIP banking services related to your company.

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