Casa Flambo 1537 NW 42 ST. MIAMI, FL. 33142

Status: Breaking ground

• Casa Flambo is project conceived as a typology to provide dignified housing in working class neighborhoods

• The project is built on a typical single lot, avoiding the need for land conglomeration and so keeping land costs down

• The single-lot approach contributes to the context without looking to erase what already exist in the community

• It proposes a way to regenerate and densify neighborhoods in need of new housing stock in an incremental way

• The conglomeration of projects of this scale together would create rich diverse neighborhoods as opposed to the monotony of the careless larger developments that end up in these areas


This project is strategically located in one of the fastest growing areas in Miami. Located in the Wynwood and Midtown Miami Art and Entertainment District, Design District, Biscayne Bay and just 15 minutes from Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, Brickell.

Property Details:

This property consists of 5 Units distributed as follows:

4 Units of 900 Sqft 2 Room 2 bathrooms.
1 United of 650 Sqft 1 Room 1 bathroom.
The building will be equipped with intelligent technology using different technological advances for controls such as lighting of lights, surveillance cameras, door opening control, temperature control, Curtains, Music, all this controlled by voice recognition and from the cell phone.

Proposed concept:

The proposed concept is aimed primarily at the generation of Millennials who want to work and live near the Art and Training District where they can live just a few miles walking or cycling from their workplace and places where they can train and enjoy of the nightlife.

Competitive advantage:

A concept has been raised so that investors who buy these apartments can rent them in terms of short-term Airbnb platform style and shared rentals per room with shared common area this under a legal scheme and registered in the buyers association document. This makes the units more profitable and give a greater return on annual capitalization. And it would also allow the use of the unit by the owner at certain times of the year.

• The project seeks to redefine the conventional relationship of building to street in the area

• Cars, trash and other services are relegated to the back of the lot

• The street is given over to entrances, doors and apartment frontages

• This produces safer street conditions. Neighbors can see activity on the street and wrongdoers are deterred by feeling under surveillance.

• Street trees are planted to provide shade and encourage pedestrian activity

• The building features a total of 5 units

• A 1 bedroom unit on the ground floor makes itself available to handicapped persons

• Four 2 Bedroom / 2 bathroom units are located in the second and third floor

• All units revolve around a courtyard with a flowering tree

• The courtyard serves as a tropical, low cost amenity that gives neighbors an excuse to run-in and foster a sense of community.

• Deep porches give space for furniture that allows neighbors to enjoy the courtyard together comfortably under the shade

• The section shows how all units have views to the courtyard as well as the street or interior of the block

• The courtyard is not only an ammenity for residents. It is also essential to provide good lighting and cross ventilation to make the units more livable.

• Interiors are conceived with honest, simple finishes

• Their design is focused on good natural lighting and proper dimensions

• These qualities render the units accessible to a variety of tenant types, from multi-generational families to pairs of young couples or students.

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