About Us

Miami Property Services is an entrepreneurial financial investment company in the high-yield alternative real estate market in the US, with more than 10 years of experience. Our reason for being is the constant search for possibilities that meet the interest of our clients to achieve their economic prosperity, investing the money, they have worked so much, in opportunities that allow them to take a greatest advantage in terms of growth and profitability. We support you with solutions that make money work to generate more money and thus be able to contribute with our clients in the search for a better economic future.

Our Misión

Our purpose, drives every day the actions of our agents to achieve our ambition to “BE THE MOST RESPECTABLE AND RELIABLE COMPANY IN THE ALTERNATIVE REAL ESTATE MARKET OF HIGH PROFITABILITY”. We pursue with responsibility and commitment every opportunity we can find for our clients and thus help them build a better future where financial prosperity is an achievable goal.

Our Purpose and Values


Truth and transparency are always in our acts. Honesty is the prime foundation of what we do. It implies not having contradictions between what is thought, felt and done to guarantee backrest, security and credibility in people that work associated with Miami Property Services.


It’s the permanent effort towards the achievement of the objective we pursue. It implies a high degree of integration and willingness on what is desired to find for your own benefit and the benefit of the organization. It is feeling as our own the goals of the organization, support and instrument decisions for the common achievement of our clients. It is always going hand in hand with the client to help him and support him in the decisions he makes. In our daily job, we always find solutions that fit the investment profile of our clients. It is dedication beyond the schedule carrying on the baton so that the whole project flows better for all of them.


We value the effort of our clients. It is vital for us to responsibly administer and guide each act we make with them. We are conscious and responsible to advise our allies and clients on their decisions and timely respond their requirements at each moment. Our responsibility is tightly tied to the highest commitment we assume with out clients. We are fully conscious about the role we play in the lives of the people we influence and impact with our services. Therefore, we understand the great responsibility jointly required helping them be more prosperous, and that makes us feel a high commitment and focus to offer them a positive experience.

What Makes Us Different

Miami Property Services is a “Boutique”firm of investment with the purpose of facilitating the construction of patrimony of our clients to achieve their Financial Freedom to their measure, we seek to create that freedom so that you live in prosperity.

We are your best advisors to take advantage of and capitalize on investment opportunities in alternative real estate markets. With us you will have the support in everything related to your property in the process before and after purchase. We are not a mere transactional company, we are consultants that are focused on serving and helping you in a personalized way.

You can be sure that acquiring an investment property with us is one of the most successful decisions in the planning you have been developing in the construction of your heritage.